Artist Statement

Growing up in Florida my work is connected to my early memories of water, unrestricted movement, freedom and fluidity.I work horizontally and freely pouring the paint on my surfaces to allow the paint to help determine and specify the imagery through the process of improvisation. I then start to refine  movements and let the colors interact with each other drawing with pours of liquid paint, sand and charcoal to create layers of rich surfaces that recall associations of the sea and all of the metaphors implied there of. These layers give the image surface more depth, and invite the pours of paint to slow down a bit and settle for a while. In other aspects of my work I tend to use warmer temperatures that recall fall foliage, oranges, reds, and umbers. I am aware of  the changes of the seasons as I am surrounded by woods in my studio and bring in what I see around me. I bridge the history of landscape painting and color field abstraction and create paintings that are specific and enigmatic that speak to my own personal history in both an intimate and a universal scale..